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This is why everyone who ever existed should respect Richard Linklater for eternity


Tunisia’s Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home - WTF fun facts

Found this and found my honeymoon suite.


"While making Boyhood, Ethan Hawke, Linklater’s frequent collaborator, watched Coltrane evolve from a self-assured kid into an introspective, soft-spoken young man."

Ethan Hawke interviews his co-star Ellar Coltrane here

Photo Credit: JOE PUGLIESE for EW

okay, so, boyhood→


they filmed this movie over the course of twelve years. like, they would literally meet up once a year every year for twelve years, same cast, same crew, and film a few scenes and part ways. there’s no plot except “a kid grows up.”

and the effect is just… i don’t even have words. it felt more…

This is what makes the movie.  It’s the little moments,  that is what makes life remarkable.

This is the third bridge that has been replaced.  I don’t know how I am going to get laid anymore.


Twitter / SASSA1002: 今朝、鴨川にもののけ…オオサンショウウオがいました!デカ過ぎ …


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“Nixon’s moves were among several factors that led to a huge increase in unregulated financial capital and a radical shift in its use, from long-term investment and trade to speculation. The effect has been to undermine national economic planning as governments are compelled to preserve market “credibility,” driving any economies “toward a low-growth, high-unemployment equilibrium,” Cambridge economist John Eatwell comments, with stagnating or declining real wages, increasing poverty and inequality, and booming markets and profits for the few.”

Noam Chomsky, Profit Over People: Neoliberalism And Global Order (1997)

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Triumph at the joints custom bike show 2014


A woman being tattooed, early 1900s.

John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)

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Baked Brie with Rosemary, Honey, & Candied Walnuts

Screaming at a primal level.


this is my favorite thing

I live in Austin, I lived in Phoenix, before that I lived in Little Rock. I tell jokes and try to not to crush under the weight of my own existence.

Yes, Please, and Thanks.

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